December 20, 2017 Bill Still

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House May Hold FBI and DOJ in Contempt

- Jeevy Computers: Move up to business-level computer protection. 800-844-8613 Good morning, I’m still reporting on: House May Hold FBI and DOJ in Contempt, 1917b Synopsis: The top lawyer for the House Intelligence Committee has urged Chairman Devin Nunes to pursue contempt of Congress citations against the FBI and the DOJ for turn over key documents concerning whether the Obama White House used the unsubstantiated “Trump Dossier” to surveil the Trump campaign – an unprecedented misuse of US intelligence services’ spying capabilities. Kash Patel, the senior counsel for the House Intel Committee, wrote: Chairman Nunes told James Rosen of Fox News: “We are trying to work with DOJ and the FBI," Nunes told Fox News. "We hope that they will comply, but if they don't, they leave us very few options. We sent subpoenas out in June, July, and August that still haven't been complied with. So, I think stonewalling would be putting it lightly.” The British spy who compiled the infamous dossier on then-candidate Trump, Christopher Steele, says in a new book that he believes it is at least 70% right! 70% right, what?!! My minimum threshold for rightness in a source is 95%. And since that’s the author’s assessment of his own work, my assessment would probably be less than 50% right. That’s less than a coin flip. I can get better information from a tarot card reader. That means that dossier should rightly be judged to be a propaganda piece because propaganda has to contain at least 70% correct information to be believable! As Steel says in a new book by Guardian journalist Luke Harding: “I’ve been dealing with this country for thirty years. Why would I invent this stuff?” Duhhhh. How about because the Clinton’s paid you millions to produce a propaganda hit piece on Donald Trumph to follow the Democrat line that Russian interference caused Clinton to lose the election. By the way, I did an interview with the Guardian last night. A 30-something guy named Paul Lewis – the West Coast Bureau Chief – in San Francisco. But I’ll save that for my next report. I’m still reporting from the one-time free-speech capitol of the world. Good day.