October 20, 2017 Bill Still

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House Calls for 2nd Special Counsel

Yesterday, Republicans on the House Judiciary Committee sent Attorney General Jeff Sessions and his deputy, Rod Rosenstein, a letter demanding that the Justice Dept. appoint a second special counsel to investigate whether former FBI director James Comey inappropriately – and perhaps illegally - worked to prevent Hillary Clinton from being prosecuted. “In this case, it appears that Director Comey and other senior Justice Department and government officials may have pre-judged the ‘matter’ before all the facts were known, thereby ensuring former Secretary Clinton would not be charged for her criminal activity,” they wrote. “That, coupled with the revelation that the Director had already drafted an exoneration statement, strongly suggests that the interview was a mere formality, and that the Director had already decided the case would be closed.” “It only reinforces the sense that our nation’s top law enforcement officials conspired to sweep the Clinton ‘matter’ under the rug, and that there is, truly, one system for the powerful and politically well-connected, and another for everyone else.”