December 27, 2017 Bill Still

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What Happened to the Still Report?, 1947


Synopsis: Good evening, I’m still reporting on the coup. As you know, we deal with some of THE most cutting-edge political topics in this nation. Our stance in general on the coup has drawn heavy fire of late. Someone sent me an email a few days ago quoting the definition of the word “coup” that used the words “violent overthrow” in the definition, and thereby saying that my use of the term was extreme. Well, that’s certainly not the only way to define the word “coup”. When someone pulls off a great innovation that significantly increases their competitive position among marketplace peers, it can be said that they pulled off a “great coup”. So, qualifiers abound, words such as “soft coup” or “invisible coup”. Both of these terms apply to the situation the United States finds itself in today. However, it is still a coup when the acting head of the U.S. Justice Department refuses a direct order of the President of the United States, then orders all other Justice employees to do likewise. So, my use of this term to try to shock America awake has drawn some serious fire – fire that struck just a little too close to home.