December 20, 2017 Bill Still

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Guardian Calls Still Report

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Good morning, I’m still reporting on: Guardian Calls Still Report, 1918 Synopsis: Last night, I got a call from the British liberal newspaper, the Guardian – specifically a 30-something guy named Paul Lewis – the West Coast Bureau Chief – in San Francisco. He had properly requested my phone number to speak with me, saying: “I’m a journalist at the Guardian and I’m working on a story about some of the most influential YouTube channels during the election. I’ve been crunching some numbers and come up with some interesting results. I’d be grateful for the opportunity to talk to you about all of this.” So, I replied with my telephone number and he called about 24 hours later. Although I didn’t bother to record the call, to say the least, it was a rather strange 23-minute phone call. He must have asked me 5 times, where do you live? He would not be deterred. I would answer the same way. “I do not give out any information about my location.” Then he would ask it a different way. Time and time again my response was the same as my suspicions began to rise. Finally, he gave up trying to find out where I lived – an outlandish thing for one reporter to ask of another – and he moved on to the purported topic of the phone call – the number crunching. He told me that he had been crunching some numbers of some of the most influential YouTubers during the presidential election of last year. He had discovered that many of my views were the product of Russian bots.