Why A Good Healthcare Bill Can’t Pass Congress

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Why A Good Healthcare Bill Can’t Pass Congress

This week, as Obamacare is collapsing across the nation, Republicans are trying desperately trying to get a decent Obamacare replacement bill through Congress.


One expert believes that if something is passed, it likely will not be what the American public expects. Why? I’ve only met one person who knows.


You may have noticed that I posted no reports over the weekend. That’s because I reconnected with an old friend, Michael Del Rosso.


He was an RNC/Trump 2016 National Security Surrogate, and is a Senior Fellow for Homeland and National Security with The Center for Security Policy.


He sat down for a wide-ranging interview that is filled with very important insights on what’s behind the Deep State and, what’s behind the ongoing war against Islamic terror. But since the interview is over an hour in length, and the vast majority of this audience has no idea who Michael is, I’d like to introduce him to you by editing out just small piece of my interview with him on a topic that is on everyone’s mind this week, the ObamaCare replacement bill currently being debated in the halls of Congress.


I asked Michael why President Trump was having so much trouble getting his bill through Congress.


I’m still reporting from Washington. Good Day