October 19, 2017 Bill Still

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FBI May Have Spied on POTUS Trump

CNN and Fox News are both reporting that the FBI was surveilling Trump campaign manager, Paul Manafort under secret orders of the FISA court during times which may have included Manafort’s discussions with President Trump. The FISA court gave the Obama Justice Dept. permission to listen in on Manafort on two occasions. The second time a warrant was issued was based on the faked intelligence report written by the Russians that attempted to smear President Trump. That warrant was still in effect after Trump’s inauguration and may have recorded conversations between Manafort and the President. The electronic surveillance continued until lawyers for the President and Manafort insisted that they stop, according to unnamed sources. Last March, President Trump used his Twitter account to accuse former President Obama of surveilling him while he was still headquartered in Trump Tower. The Justice Department and the FBI have denied that President Trump was surveilled, however, during the campaign, Manafort had a residence in Trump Tower as well as his home in Alexandria, VA. Developing…..