FBI Director Comey Fired

May 10, 2017 Bill Still

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FBI Director Comey Fired

The man primarily protecting Hillary Clinton from prosecution – not only for her classified email scandal, but for the outrageous influence peddling scam disguised as a charity that was the Clinton Foundation, has now been fired by President Trump.


Trump apparently waited for Comey to be out of town so that no information accidentally went missing from his office computers before he struck about 5:30 pm this afternoon.


Democrats are already trying to sell the firing as Trump trying to eliminate his enemies, but Trump was ready for that one by thanking Comey in his letter ordering his immediate termination for admitting recently on 3 occasions that the FBI did NOT have the President under investigation – a dangling implication Comey had left hang over Trump’s head for weeks.


Comey was perhaps the biggest plug – the largest roadblock to President Trump continuing to drain the swamp of corruption that has ruled Washington for decades. Now, let the prosecutions begin – including all three Clintons and dare we hope it – even former disgraced President Obama, himself.


02:00 - Unfortunately, Mr. Comey, everyone who has ever had a clearance did immediately understand how seriously you took security violations ---- when done by members of the Obama/Clinton crime syndicate – not seriously at all. And that is not an exaggeration.


03:12 – Now check this out. This is the most revealing statement of everything I’ve seen on the news this evening regarding the Comey firing:


03:41 – How did this all come about? Why didn’t Trump fire Comey immediately upon taking office on Jan. 20th?

Two primary reasons:

1. Attorney General Jeff Sessions – Comey’s ultimate boss, could not fire him because he had to recuse himself from the lame accusations of Trump officials conniving with Russia to bring about Clinton’s defeat. Besides, Comey’s direct supervisor was the Deputy Attorney General’s job and Rob Rosenstein was not confirmed by the Senate by an overwhelming margin, then sworn in until April 25th.


And 2, Trump needed to get Comey to admit that Trump, himself was not the target of his so-called investigation – otherwise the Dems would paint this as a Watergate-style firing by Trump to prevent Sheriff Comey from hunting him down.  


Oops, the Dems are going to do that anyway. Why? Because they have no other cards to play in this lame game.


Joe Digenova would be my #1 pick for the new head of the FBI, though he is involved in so many critical cases involving maintaining the freedoms we all enjoy as Americans, he would not even consider it. My second pick would be the former Attorney General from 2007 to 2009, Michael Mukasey. I think he would consider the job and he would surely be confirmed and do a great job for America.