September 7, 2017 Bill Still

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Despite Deep State Blocks, Trump Sails On To DACA

Good morning, I’m still reporting on: Despite Deep State Blocks, Trump Sails On To DACA, 1775 Synopsis: A supporter wrote in today and said the following. His words are so right on, I just have to repeat them. Why hasn't anyone mentioned that President Trump managed the response to the devastation of Hurricane Harvey with only 1/3 of the political appointees that Barack Obama had at this time in his presidency?   Why hasn't anyone mentioned that the DO NOTHING SENATE has only approved 1/2 of President Trump's appointments? Didn't the Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell mention that at the Senate's present pace of getting President Trump's executive team in place, it will take approximately 11 years? But Trump just moves ahead. There are too many low hanging fruits for him to pluck to worry about wasting any time. However, the DACA issue is obviously taking up a lot of the President’s attention, and shows just how much he cares about getting this right. DACA is a program that tries to deal with the question of what to do about the children of illegals, known as the “Dreamers”. Obviously, you can’t deport them all. There are around nearly one million of them. They couldn’t help being brought here by their parents. Trump is a legendarily compassionate man. Stories of his munificence throughout his lifetime abound. Trump had previously announced that he would make his decision known today. However, today the White House press office said that Trump was still wrestling with what would be the very best solution for all concerned. — Support Our Sponsors: