October 20, 2017 Bill Still

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Deep State Now Ignores FOIA

Bit by bit, the deep state is nibbling away at the rule of law in this country. A prime example of this is how Freedom of Information requests are now routinely ignored until someone has to file an expensive lawsuit to force compliance. The result is that responses to FOIA requests can now be drawn out for months or years. Tucker Carlson interviewed Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch last night talking about the news that Judicial Watch has finally discovered that there were over 3,000 emails that are related to Hillary Clinton that were on Huma Abadine’s laptop that she shared with Anthony Weiner. [insert] Fitton then reveals the ridiculous schedule the State Dept. has set for the release of these documents. [insert: “at the current schedule….] This is certainly not the intent of the original law and so eventually Congress is going to have to put more teeth into this law or it will become an ineffective and insignificant formality.