July 14, 2017 Bill Still

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Deep State Needs a Spanking

Synopsis: Good morning, I’m still reporting on the coup.
Yesterday’s humiliating revelations concerning Russian lawyer/spy Natalia Veselnitskaya’s connections to the Obama administration have silenced the Democrats – for the time being. But rest assured that they will be back – with something – anything.
What’s troubling is how much traction such a desperate, ridiculous gambit got from the MSM. Will they ever learn, or are all the Dems willing to go down with this pirate ship? Because there is a growing credibility effect that will be long lasting well past President Trump’s 8 years in Washington.
Look, we still talk about the stain that Bill Clinton put on the Presidency. It’s not forgotten. History is yet to pronounce judgment on the Obama effect, but it doubtless will be severe as revelations start to dribble out from insiders tempted by huge book contracts.
This deep state nonsense will bookmark this turbulent time just as surely as unspanked children end up running afoul of the law as adults.
Lou Dobbs opined wonderfully last night on Hannity:
The bottom line is that Attorney General Sessions has to step in and open – yes - highly controversial, but absolutely necessary prosecutions of major figures in the previous administration, starting with the former Secretary of State and former Director of the FBI.
Sessions fears the inevitable unrest, but to anyone that is watching, unrest in exactly what the left will strive for with or without. If there’s going to be unrest anyway, why not disinfect the cancer that is literally hell-bent to create and maintain it.
This is the nothing less than the existential test for whether a nation can be ruled by laws. If Mr. Sessions continues to display timidity towards this cabal of the left, there will be no healing, there will be nothing but continued and growing chaos and a guaranteed spiraling death march away from civilized society.
In simple terms every parent can understand, they need a spanking. Coaching them, or putting them in time out simply won’t do.
If we do not uphold the rule of law, then our children will be ruled by the law of the jungle once again.
I’m still reporting from Washington. Good day.