February 1, 2018 Bill Still

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Coup Leaders Using Illegal Burner Phones, 1995


According to the True Pundit, top FBI and DOJ officials who have been targeted for investigation by DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz, have gone to using “burner phones” to be able to coordinate their activities away from investigators and lawmakers. Top FBI and DOJ brass are also using other secrecy tools common to drug cartel bosses, such as encrypted phone and web apps, including SIGNAL, which provide anonymous texting. The use of such apps and devices is forbidden for official government business and violates many federal laws. Now, there is the issue of the outrageous disappearance of 5 months of text messages just at the time when two of the principle coup plotters in the FBI – Peter Strzok and his mistress Lisa Page - were talking about calling a meeting of “the secret society” to discuss the plans of the coup plotters. [insert Ed Henry] FBI sources told the True Pundit that the IG is aware of all this: “They have been up on these guys for a long time.” According to these sources, the Inspector General has had court-approved wiretaps running on key members of the coup plotters for some time.