On the Couch Tonight at 10pm Eastern

May 5, 2017 Bill Still

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On the Couch Tonight at 10pm Eastern

Good morning!  Beth, Molly and I will be on the couch tonight at 10 pm Eastern at www.thecouch.tv


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Tonight, we’ll be talking about the French election on Sunday with Marine Le Pen still trailing by 20 points, and the MSM playing up the quirky love story of her opponent, Emmanuel Macron, who married his teacher – 20 years his elder. Brigitte Macron is now very interesting to the French as they revere “experienced” women.


Now Obama has endorsed Macron, and the French love Obama. I’m not saying a Le Pen win is still impossible, but it is growing increasingly unlikely. However, if it’s any consolation, one British paper says that if Macron wins, that guarantees a Le Pen victory next time – 5 years hence.


Tune in tonight at 10 eastern to www.thecouch.tv.