June 10, 2017 Bill Still

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Comey Admits Trump Never Under Investigation

Synopsis: Today, former FBI Director Jim Comey testified before the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence and admitted that President Trump was right again. He was never under investigation by the FBI.
Other than that admission, the purpose of today’s show trial was twofold: #1 to try to rehabilitate the reputation of James Comey so that he may be inserted into government at some future time (Supreme Court?); and #2 to provide Democrat members of the committee the opportunity to make some critical TV soundbites critical of the President.

Remember, 1/3 of the Senate stands for election next year – an election cycle that favors the Republicans as much as the 2016 election favored Democrat Senators.
The question of the day to the big MSM and the Democrats was whether President Trump’s request to lay off General Flynn’s investigation constituted an obstruction of justice.
But, according to one of the nation’s indisputable legal experts, that’s impossible.


Finally, at the end of the hearing, Fox’s Pentagon correspondent, Catherine Herridge had a very interesting comment that she picked out of the proceedings...