October 16, 2017 Bill Still

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Col. Ollie North – U S Has Special Weapons Never Used Before

On Sean Hannity’s show last night, Col. Oliver North confirmed what we have suspected for several weeks – that the U.S. military now has operational either a new rail-gun weapon, or a multi-colored laser weapon that can shoot down a North Korea missile during the ascent phase. In other words at low altitude, low speed – when the missile would be the most vulnerable. Col. North’s slip of the tongue came during a discussion with Hannity of what military options President Trump has at his disposal should he decide he has to take pre-emptive action against North Korea to protect the American people or our close allies in South Korea or Japan. [insert 1] Col. North stumbles a bit as he quickly tries to decide just how much he can say without revealing classified weapons information. [insert 2] But then he goes ahead and confirms that we now have the capability of shooting down a N. Korean missile during its ascent phase. [insert 3] Col. North is very knowledgable about the U.S. arsenal of special, cutting-edge weapons because of his long relationship with SOF (Special Operations Forces). He then goes into a very lucid recitation of just what the U.S. would bring to bear in such a situation where the lives of millions of Americans would be at risk with only a 45-minute timeline to seek shelter.