September 7, 2017 Bill Still

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Chaffetz - FBI & Justice Are Above the Law

Good morning, I’m still reporting on: Chaffetz - FBI & Justice Are Above the Law, 1773 Synopsis: Well, for those who think that Pres. Trump has been elected, and therefore everything is just fine in the swamp, you had better think again.Recently retired representative Jason Chaffetz came on Fox yesterday to show just how difficult President trumps battle against the Swamp really is. When you have the nation’s chief law enforcement organization unable, or unwilling to enforce the law - lying about fake investigations - blatantly taking political sides – allowing paid thugs to go after your political opponents – my friends, that is the definition of fascism – that was how the Nazis got into power. So now let’s hear from Mr. Chaffetz:. [insert] A petition has been mounted on Change.orp. As of this moment, it has just passed the 15 thousand mark, but we need to hit 100,000 to make it mandatory for the President to look at it and deal with it. Here is our shortened URL to Mr. Clevenger’s petition. There will be a live link in the Description box below.