Can Le Pen Win Tomorrow?

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Can Le Pen Win Tomorrow?

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cGood afternoon, I’m still reporting on Le Pen.


France goes to the polls 14 hours from now, and the last polling shows Emmanuel Macron with a 20-point lead over Marine Le Pen.


Le Pen’s fate, as well as the future of France, now rides on the size of the French “Monster Vote”. French political scientist, Aurélien Preud’homme, still proclaims that the race could easily result in an upset based only on voter turnout.


He says that if Le Pen was able to turnout 90% of her voters and a weakened Macron can only turn out only 70% of his; Le Pen wins with 50.025% of the vote.


On Thursday, Wikileaks released damaging banking documents showing that Macron – the Rothschild banker – has been hiding large bank accounts in the Cayman Islands. Macron initially blamed the Russians for the hack, then alled the documents forgeries.


However, signature pages were included and 24 hours later a French documents examiner attested that the signatures were genuine. Subsequently, Macron had to backtrack – admitting that the signatures are genuine, but because the Russians hacked them, the documents somehow shouldn’t count in the minds of the French voters.


Those pesky Russians once again.


How can it be that an openly Rothschild banker – which Macron was before he was propelled into government – suffers no smelly baggage penalty from this? It’s clearly illegal. People go to jail for this.


Oh, never mind, Hillary Clinton is clearly guilty of THOUSANDS of felony violations spelled out in not only her emails, but her Clinton Foundation fundraising schemes – but nothing has been done – and likely nothing will be done.


However, French voters are different from U.S. voters in two important ways. First of all, they have been living in their socialist utopia for 40 years now, starting with the 1977 municipal elections which gave socialists unprecedented local control of cities.


Four years later, in 1981, socialist François Mitterand won the French presidential elections. Later that year, nationalization of French industrial giants, as well as 36 banks and two finance companies began. The rule of capitalist greed was replaced by a far more iron-clad rule by socialist bureaucrats as the new standard was set – an economic landscape of dwindling incentives.


Two generations of French citizens have grown up under the notion that the government should handle everything. The import of the social contract is quickly being lost. Citizens no longer understand that to be free, you must pitch in for the common good.



This basic loss of connections between citizens and their governance is at the heart of Macron’s support for the European Union and its money, the Euro. Fortunately, this is still not the majority view in the United States, but you can see support for the social contract slipping everywhere you look. In fact, not one American in a thousand has ever heard the word “social contract” today.


But there is another phenomenon at work in Macron’s favor as well.


Macron married a woman 20 years his senior – his high school teacher. But, instead of such a relationship making Macron look like a weakling egghead, he has used this titillating soap opera love affair to his advantage; for example, dribbling out to the French press the thrill of their first kiss, etc.


Brigitte Macron is now a media star to the French as they revere the “experienced” women love story – how they instantly fell in love — she loved his immense intellect and divorced her husband to marry him.


And now, Obama – the evil one – has endorsed Macron, but instead of being the albatross around Macron’s neck, the French still love Obama.


I’m not saying a Le Pen win is still impossible, but it is growing increasingly unlikely. However, if it’s any consolation, one British paper says that if Macron wins, that guarantees a Le Pen victory next time – 5 years hence.


The reason? The invasion will have impacted a broader swath of the French day-to-day life.


Centuries of French legal precedents will be cast aside by Islamic law. Women will be most impacted. A century of women clawing for equal footing will be lost. When will French women realize this is inevitable and rise up?


The only problem, mon amis, is that 5 years from now – when the next President of France is elected – as you slowly stumble out of your utopian dream world – France’s new “diversity” oppressors will be a much more potent force at the ballot box, and France’s fate will be sealed forever.


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I’m still reporting from Washington. Good day.