June 10, 2017 Bill Still

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Britain Has Finally Had Enough

Synopsis: A former London Metropolitan Police chief has accused the government of lying about the number of armed officers on the streets in the wake of the Friday’s London Bridge terror attack.
Peter Kirkham, a former chief inspector between 1981 and 2002, told Sky News:
“… the streets of London have been lost [to knife crime.]
“The police service is in crisis as a result of the cuts. We hear talk of extra police officers on the street. They aren’t extra, they are officers that have had to have their rare leave days cancelled. [Their] 12-hour shifts are now routinely being extended to 16 hours.”
Another factor is the reductions in the ability of the police to stop and search suspicious characters:
“[When] you get to the point of kids carrying knives … the only thing police have got … is stop and search, and the Government’s been beating the police up constantly over the last few years saying ‘don’t do stop and search.’”
As a result, knife crime in London jumped by 24 percent in the last year – up to more than 4,000 offences that result in an injury, according to police statistics.
“Stop and search has plummeted, knife crime has gone up, we all knew it was going to happen…. The Government, and Theresa May [the current Prime Minister] personally, has not listened. In fact, quite the contrary; she’s told us we’re crying wolf and we’re scaremongering,” said Mr. Kirkham.
And speaking of Prime Minister Theresa May, she’s running for re-election on Thursday across Great Britain.
With the third deadly terror attack in 3 months, Ms May – the leader of Britain’s Conservative party - has taken a sudden turnaround.
“We are too tolerant of extremism. Enough is enough!”
Interestingly, Facebook now looks to be a prime target. She chided the “safe spaces” on the Internet for terrorists, calling for international action to put new anti-terror regulations in cyberspace.