May 15, 2017 Bill Still

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Who is the Best & Worst Pick for FBI Head?

Good evening. I’m still reporting on draining the swamp.


In this last week, it has become clear that former FBI Director Jim Comey was not only the most corrupt Director in the history of the Bureau, but, also the kingpin of holding the Clinton/Obama crime syndicate above the law.


This weekend 14 finalist candidates are being interviewed by the Trump administration to become the new FBI Director, and President Trump has announced that his pick will come by next Friday.


The United States must be returned to a nation of laws where no one is above the law. A nation without the rule of law quickly sinks into the law of the jungle and can no longer be considered a civilized nation.


Joe diGenova, the brightest, most reliable legal mind in DC, explains why one of the candidates is clearly the worst possible pick, and why an oldie-but-goodie name is the best.


I’m still reporting from Washington. Good day.