October 20, 2017 Bill Still

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Who Was Behind the Las Vegas Shooting?

Every once in a while, the Holy Spirit tells me to put the brakes on – just hold up for a bit. Yesterday was such a day. Unfortunately, this report would take me many additional hours to produce in the normal manner, so let’s just say that the following is my opinion and the conclusions are mine alone and backed up by nothing but my gut. It seems to me that the vast majority of these mass casualty attacks are done by folks who generally fall into the hate-America category. Some of them with religious backgrounds, and others with far-leftist or communist backgrounds. Typically, these attacks are followed up immediately by calls from Democrats that the solution is more restrictions on gun ownership in the United States. Typically, these calls are done while the iron is hot – not even allowing a respectable number of days to pass quietly, to allow the nation and the families involved time to heal. Even though it is obvious that these sorts of partisan political plays have not worked in the past, nor will they work in the future, this doesn’t seem to dissuade the Dems from trying and trying again with these heat-of-the moment appeals. The obvious rejoinder from those of us who know that widespread gun ownership is one of the pillars upon which America’s freedom has been built, is to point to Chicago. Illinois has some of the most restrictive anti-gun legislation in the nation, yet Chicago is the deadliest American city from its escalating gun violence. I believe that many of these mass shootings are connected and perhaps even supported by some group that hates America because America prevents their one-world, globalist dictatorship from proceeding as planned. So, the Las Vegas shooter had a girlfriend and she left him her Platinum VISA card in case he needed it, then apparently hopped on a plane for Japan, where – if reports in the last hour are correct – America cannot extradite someone who is not charged with a crime.