July 14, 2017 Bill Still

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Anti Fracking Left Colluded With Russia, 1709

Good morning, I’m still reporting on:

Synopsis: Before we go any further on the colluding with Russia thing, I want to preface every colluding with Russia story with words to this effect:
Bill and Hillary Clinton openly colluded with Russia to sell 20% of U.S. uranium output to the Russians because they were running short. In exchange, the Clinton Foundation got in the neighborhood of a $100,000,000 helping-out fee and Bill Clinton got to charge double his normal speaker fee when speaking in Russia. How’s that for in your face collusion?
Tonight, in a brilliant story on Tucker Carlson’s show, a fracking expert revealed that Russian propagandists colluded with elements of the anti-fracking far left to push the story that fracking – a way of getting more oil out of oil shale – was bad for people bad for the environment in an attempt to turn around the U.S. from exploiting this new supply of oil, which played an instrumental role in dropping the price of oil way below the price Russia wanted to be getting for its oil.
Now there’s some real collusion for you.