October 20, 2017 Bill Still

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2nd Gunman? Revisited

The easy thing to do at this point is to not do this report. I could follow what FoxNews is doing – celebrating the heroes – and there were many – of what may be seen in future years as this generation’s 9/11 or Kennedy Assassination mystery. But new information came in overnight that I can’t ignore, and it’s caused me to reassess the possibilities of a 2nd gunman on the 4th floor, and I do try to correct my mistakes. Two different viewers sent me two different photos of the Mandalay Bay on a sunny day with multiple windows pulled out from the inside. I can’t find the email back, but earlier in the week, a window installer wrote in saying he had installed these windows and said that it’s easy to take them out for cleaning if you know how to do it. Please write me back so I can have this as a confirmation. Send to: stillreport@gmail.com. In light of the windows being removable, there are several troubling questions: - There was police scanner traffic asking officers to investigate a possible second shooter on the 4th floor of the Mandalay Bay. Who responded? What did they see? - Another thing, in the photos from inside the shooter’s suite on the 32nd floor, all that can be seen are long rifles with 30 or 60-round clips. However, the majority of the volleys captured on cell phone audio involved far more shots in a continuous volley - some more than 100 rounds. - Here is the video some kids took of the shooting. They were at about this location. There are 72 shots in this volley, with a 2/3 of a second pause in the middle – not enough time to put in a new clip. - [insert] - This lady is in a cab stand right in front of the Mandalay Bay. The first volley is over 103 rounds in 9.5 seconds. Then, there is a 24 second pause followed by an 84-round volley - [insert] Then, after a half second pause, a different – more distant gun – gets in a 27-round volley. That may have been Stephen Paddock, the man, I now believe was actually the patsy shooter on the 32nd floor.