October 23, 2017 Bill Still

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2018 Voters Will Insist on Swamp Drainers

Well, the 5 living presidents got together in Houston to raise money for the flood victims. That’s good, but it just reminds me that these guys are the swamp. They look alike, talk alike and don’t criticize each other. In fact, the only criticism was by President George W. Bush who last week in thinly-veiled terms blasted President Trump. What a traitor! If it wasn’t for the bravado, and hard work and financial independence of Donald Trump, we’d now be sitting under President Hillary Clinton. And talk about swamp gas ….! Sure enough, Anne Sorock, executive director of The Frontier Labs says that those uni-party, past presidents are going to be in for a serious surprise in 2018 as the Monster Vote will rise again – and probably in a bigger way than it did last year because they are not losing strength, they are still gaining – and the polls absolutely still refuse to recognize this. The partisan polls are killing themselves by refusing to acknowledge the truth – Trump’s power is still growing. Sorock says that the American voters are seeing right through all these petty diversions the left wing of the uni-party is throwing up. The latest, for example was the claim that President Trump insulted a gold-star mother. They are also fed up with Congress not allowing Trump to do what they sent Trump to Washington to do. And they know exactly who to blame. And they trust that Trump to protect the USA - to protect freedom. Here is the main issue for the Monster voters: “They are asking for [Congress] to say, through [their] work, that [they still] love America and … want it to survive.” Sorock told “The Daily Caller News Foundation”: “The perception of “one party rule” is the biggest threat facing the nation’ as there seems to be little to distinguish the governing parties in voters’ minds.” “Unless the Republican Congress changes course fast … the 2018 midterm elections will be a ‘rude awakening’ for the GOP.”