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November 2, 2017 Bill Still

Who’s Holding the Bag? Donna Brazille┬ásays that the Clinton Campaign controlled the DNC from the beginning – the DNC was broke and the Clinton campaign kept the DNC afloat – but there were conditions, not the least of which was the nomination. Debbie Wasserman Schultz – was given the chairmanship when Tim Kaine was promised…

November 1, 2017 Bill Still

I have news for Senator Flake – he needs to read 2 Sam 6: 16-23 – Michal complained that King David was undignified and acted in a way unbecoming a King. She was barren for the rest of her life. She was judging David by her standards, not God’s and Not David’s. David was King…

September 27, 2017 Bill Still

Do you have a right to take a knee in protest? Of course you do – because you live in the greatest country on earth that gives you that right.

July 6, 2017 Bill Still

I was pondering this twitter thing and trying to wrap my head around the reaction of people to it. It is obvious to me that CNN and MSNBC are…

June 30, 2017 Bill Still

“No one has stood up for us like Donald Trump has.” …. “Trump has stood up for We The People”