Who’s Holding the Bag?

Who’s Holding the Bag?

Donna Brazille says that the Clinton Campaign controlled the DNC from the beginning – the DNC was broke and the Clinton campaign kept the DNC afloat – but there were conditions, not the least of which was the nomination.
Debbie Wasserman Schultz – was given the chairmanship when Tim Kaine was promised the VP slot if he would step down as Chair of the DNC.

He did, paving the way for DWS.

DWS was a lousy fundraiser and the DNC was worse off under her financially than it had been before.

When the Leaked, not Hacked btw, emails came out showing DWS was giving favor to HRC over Bernie – she was fired – although that was part of the deal with HRC and the DNC – they wanted to make it look good to all the clueless underlings and Press and others.

Then this by all accounts, failure of a DNC chair – was hired by HRC who had put her into the DNC chair to begin with. DWS had after all handed the nomination to HRC – but that was all window dressing because that was part of the deal.

And now we have the Awan Brothers – exorbitantly paid by the Dems to do the IT stuff but really they were selling info to Pakistan. DWS continued to pay Imran even after her was indicted – blackmail?

HRC said in an interview that the DNC was broke and they had to loan them $$ to keep them afloat. She also said that their IT stuff was in shambles – old equipment etc.

Was this whole thing a set up? Did DWS hire the AWAN brothers – expecting them to do what they did – and the loot as it were would be shared? Did DWS bankrupt the DNC so HRC could swoop in and take control ? And has the DNC paid the Clinton Machine back yet? Probably not since their fundraising is way behind the RNC. And if not then they are still beholding to the Clintons, which means that many in Congress are as well as a lot of their campaign funds come from the DNC.

We have always known that the Clintons wield a heavy sword, using blackmail and bribery and just plain threats to keep people in line. This is just another tactic, but it is not individuals it is a whole organization.

They all drink from the same stinking trough, passing germs back and forth like candy.

I have a feeling that when all this Fusion GPS, Russian Collusion and Uranium to the highest bidder stuff is said and done there should be a lot of people behind bars.


The real question is: with everyone in cahoots – who will be left to close the jail door?