July 6, 2017 Bill Still

To Tweet or Not To Tweet

I was pondering this twitter thing and trying to wrap my head around the reaction of people to it. It is obvious to me that CNN and MSNBC are the villains here. Yes, they have freedom of the press, but what they do on a regular basis is lie about a situation, and continue the facade and pretend that it is true. They knew hands up don't shoot was a lie and yet they perpetuated it to the point that people took to the streets to riot. You could argue that people would have begun to riot no matter what. Maybe, but one thing I know is the Press, the Media keeping that drumbeat alive did not help. It added fuel to the fire. They lied about the Russian collusion story even though they knew full well it was not true. They lied about so many things concerning the President that they added fuel to the fire of people's anger towards him.

They leaked intel on the Manchester bombing to such an extent the Brits refused to share intel with US.

Freedom of the Press is one thing, but intentionally lying in order to harm a person or persons is out of bounds. Everyone has an opinion, but they are trying to pass this crap off as truth.

They call holding up a severed head, assassinating a Trump look alike in a play, and calling for the murder of Jared Kushner, art. but a Meme of a fake wrestling match isn't.

I was pondering the reaction to the President's tweets, it is not Presidential, it is beneath the dignity of the office, blah blah blah - and you know what came to me like a bolt of lightening; You can't heal a man on the Sabbath, you can't talk to women, you can't eat with publicans and sinners, your disciples did not wash properly before eating. You are not acting like a Rabbi, you demean the position.

Forerunners, trail blazers are the ones who plow the furrow fields first and it is hardest. They pave the way for others to follow. Donald Trump is a trail blazer. He is a different kind of man and a different kind of President and they can not stand that. They can not stand that he is not one of them, that he does not follow the status quo. This ruins everything for them all. They had this system all worked out that worked great for them, not so great for we the people. Donald Trump is bulldozing their agenda to rubble.


What I think is God is changing our mindsets, He is trying to get us out of our comfort zones to see. Potus did not incite the Media, he just exposed them for who they are, naked and afraid little ninnies who are used to people rolling over and playing dead for them.