Take a Knee

Dear NFL and other elite athlete idiots who take a knee instead of standing during the National Anthem,


You say it is in protest of injustice. When did this injustice come across your radar, when you picked up your multi-million dollar contract? When you drove off in your fancy sportscar? When you were beating your wife, dragging her out of an elevator or investing in dogs you had had fight to near death?


I do not remember you going to the inner city of Chicago talking the gang members out of killing each other. I don’t remember you going to a VA hospital to visit with those who fought for your right to take a knee. I don’t remember you decrying the injustice of your multi million paycheck while a Vet gets paid a mere pittance keeping us safe.
Do you have a right to take a knee in protest, of course you do, because you live in the greatest country on earth that gives you that right. That right was handed to you by bloodied hands on every battlefield this country has fought. That right was handed to you by the blood of those who fought in the civil rights movement and has been upheld by every cop walking the beat.


You have the right because others gave enough of a damn to fight for it. Try taking a knee in North Korea instead of applauding RocketMan. Try letting your wife drive in a middle eastern country where it is forbidden, try speaking out against the government in a country that truly oppresses it’s people. There was a young man who lost his life in North Korea for stealing a poster. There are people right now enslaved all over the world. Take up that cause.


You are nothing more than a bunch of spoiled elite athletes and I would not give two cents for the lot of you.


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