A lesson from David and Michal

I have news for Senator Flake – he needs to read 2 Sam 6: 16-23 –

Michal complained that King David was undignified and acted in a way unbecoming a King. She was barren for the rest of her life.
She was judging David by her standards, not God’s and Not David’s. David was King how he chose to dance before the Lord was up to him. She clearly did not understand who David was or how intimate his relationship with the Lord is. She way underestimated God’s great love for David and his dancing. She saw him and had an immediate bitter reaction in her heart. She did not approve of how he behaved; it did not meet her standards.

God did not care about her standards, He cares about HIS. David honored Him; Michal dishonored her husband and God.
David had been anointed King, but Michal could not see his anointing, because she was looking with her own eyes and seeing with her own heart. She made the same mistake Samuel made when God said Man looks at the outward appearance while I look at the heart. Notice God did not say He looks at the actions or even the words of a person, but rather the heart.

How many times do we say of a person “their heart was in the right place” meaning what they said or did may have been awkward or seemingly mean, but in their heart they meant it loving and kind. Conversely a person will say the right things but in their heart they do not mean it. In this politically correct world we must be careful what we hear and what we say. Out of the heart the mouth speaks, but sometimes people try to disguise their hearts with the right words.

We need to pray and seek for the Lord to open the eyes of our hearts. To help us see as He sees so we can do as He does. Jesus said I do what I see the father doing. We need to be able to see what the Father is doing fall in line with that.

This election is a perfect example of that very thing. So many people did not then and do not now like Donald Trump because he did not meet their requirements for President. They did not and some still do not like the words he uses or the things he has done. They can not see what God is doing and how God is using him to bring about His will. God’s will is not brought about in a neat package all tied up with a bow. It is messy, it is bloody just look at the cross.

Heaven suffers violence and the violent take it by force. God is moving in America and He is using Donald Trump to forge His will. The goats and the sheep are being separated. The line has been drawn in the sand and people need to decide what side they are on. Politicians are falling away and more will fall. Watch and See.

He who has ears let him hear.