Author: Bill Still

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Tucker Carlson – What To Do About Terror

Although the MSM still will hardly acknowledge that there is a problem with terror – as Tucker is about to point out. However, the leaders in the non-MSM media are now starting to wrestle with what is the most effective solution to support considering the position we are in today.

This is a war. We have to face it. We are in another world war.

Of course, any general would tell you that the low-hanging fruit of the solution would be to remove George Soros from this battlefield. In the chess world, this would be called the next-best-move.

Soros is at least the public face of the funding of the invasion. For example, although Hungary is blocking the primary land route out of the Middle East into Europe – and God bless Viktor Orban for that – Soros is the one funding the NGO’s that are bringing boatloads across the Mediterranean, for example.

Why hasn’t something been done about the person who is the most-easily-identifiable conduit for much of the importation of this invasion of Europe – and probably into the U.S. as well?

This is a war. This is no longer strictly in the realm of politics and polite debating societies. In fact, if we lose this war, civilization – that is, civilized society – will be gone.

We will be ruled by a culture-of-death disguised as a theocracy. If they win, there will be no democracy. There will be no populist political revolts in the future.


What would you call a group who is responsible for providing accurate numbers to the American people, but who do not do so in order to further undermine civil society? I’d call them traitors, and their actions would be called treason.


Bravo, Tucker. You are speaking the truth. But why haven’t we heard this before? Because the MSM is still caught in the clutches of political correctness. “We are all inclusive. We are the World, Nations without borders, etc., etc.

These are the Soros-financed globalists – the ones that are the sworn enemies of American populist freedom.

So, what to do about it? Here’s Tucker’s prescription – to sum it up for those pressed for time – find a way to only import people who won’t become litterbugs.

No, I’m not being snarky – at its root, the success of America is deep down we believe in the Social Contract – that this nation can only succeed if we all believe in it and pitch in to do whatever we can to help it – and the essence of that is we need to keep our environment clean, neat, and tended to – just like we would keep our homes. Everyone has to be willing to pitch in to help this great experiment in human freedom succeed, or it will surely fail”


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Cong. Darrell Issa on Ending Islamic Extremism

Good afternoon, I’m still reporting on turning back the invasion.
Yesterday, Cong. Darrell Issa (R-Calif) discussed the Trump speech with Judge Jeanine Pirro. Incidentally, Issa is the wealthiest member of Congress. He’s worth north of $254 million – nearly $150 million more than the second-richest member.

Issa made his fortune in the 1990s by leading Directed Electronics, the makers of the Viper car alarm system.

Issa heads the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee.
Issa and the judge are both of Lebanese origins, and remarked how in Lebanon, Christians, Jews, Muslims and Catholics lived together in peace for 800 years until one seminal event happened – Iranian radicals stormed the US embassy in Tehran on Nov. 4, 1979.


So there you have it, President Trump is trying the only thing left for him to try to bring peace, and that’s to encourage the Sunni Arabs led by the Saudis, to return to a much more moderate stance.
This will be a tough task, bordering on the impossible, but it’s what Trump has chosen to give a try – at least until the threat from Iran has been halted.



I know I’ve angered many of my friends and supporters by even trying to understand what Trump is doing, but he is my President and he does have access to more information than I do. That doesn’t mean I’d support anything he did, but in this particular case, the alternative of booting every Muslim out of the United States – which is what some are seriously proposing – is simply impossible - besides the fact that it simply wrong.



Unfortunately, this world is hurtling towards a horrible Armageddon finale and although I’ll do everything I can to prevent it, at this point, I am unsure what the best course would be and I’m hoping our President – God’s anointed – is out there ahead being the best leader he can be.


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Judge Jeanine on Trump’s Saudi Gamble

One of the most important questions in the history of the United States is currently on the table for debate. Can Muslims reject the teachings of Islam – that is the teachings of the Koran?

President Trump apparently believes that they can – or, at least, he is allowing himself to believe it in order to forge this grand alliance against the Iranians. It’s certainly Trump’s biggest gamble to date, but there may be no alternative.

Tonight and tomorrow, we’ll hear from those who generally believe such a rejection by Muslims is possible.
On Wednesday, I’ll be interviewing a reformed Islamist – reformed to Christianity.

Here is the problem, if Muslims cannot push the radicals out of the U.S., eventually, they will surely take over the nation simply by population growth, and destroy Constitutional law and replacing it with their form of law.

Neither option is good, but we have to decide soon or the decision will be made for us.


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Newt Calls for Seth Rich Investigation

Good evening, I’m still reporting on the Clintons.

In the pre-game show to Trump’s big speech is Saudi this morning, former Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, Newt Gingrich called for a full investigation of Seth Rich’s murder.

In other developments, One America News Network a relatively new Television network, has offered an additional $100,000 reward for information leading to the conviction of Seth Rich’s murderer.

In yet another development, according to WND, the bar manager at Lou’s City Bar in DC, where Seth was spotted just hours before he was shot and killed, says that DC police officers never interviewed anyone from the bar about Seth – like zero apparent investigation.



“The police never asked for the surveillance video from that night,” said the manager, whose name, WND is withholding, lest he turn up jumping in front of a speeding freight train rather than jump into a car with Hillary.

Unfortunately, the surveillance video recorder records over any video over 30 days old, so it is lost forever.

There is also a video circulating on Twitter of Seth’s purported parents thanking people for helping to get to the bottom of Seth’s murder.

However, all dates for this video have been scrubbed, so it could have been made before the parents changed their minds and allowed Democrat crisis consultant Brad Bauman to speak on the family’s behalf [if they know what’s good for them].

In addition, former DC police homicide investigator, Rod Wheeler, after his appearance locally on DC’s Fox affiliate, Fox 5, has been ordered by the family to no longer talk about any aspect of the case to anyone.

Well, that’s about as suspicious as you can get.


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President Trump’s Speech to the Islamic World

Good afternoon, I’m still reporting on Trump.

What a remarkable speech today by President Donald Trump.

For the first time, the Sunni Arab world has come together to not only denounce radical Islam and the terrorism it his spawned, but even make it illegal to help finance it.


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The Reformation of Islam?

Good morning, I’m still reporting on Trump.

What a remarkable morning it has been. For the first time since I even started worrying about the invasion, I now see a ray of hope that this will not end up in a worldwide conflagration – all thanks to Donald Trump.

Unfortunately, I missed this lady’s name, other that Dr. Achmed. She is obviously a scholar of moderate Islam – something I had doubted even existed. I pray that I am not being fooled – as I have been before on various topics – but this woman’s commentary has made a big difference in the way I view Trump’s approach on dealing with Muslims in general.


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ER Doc Who Operated on Seth Rich Says He Was OK Until...

Good afternoon, I’m still reporting on the Clintons.

This is an anonymous source alert – and at least that’s more than either the Wash Post or the NYT has given you.

A person on something called Boardnet – and within Boardnet, on something called - /pol/ - posted the following last Wednesday, May 17.

“[I am a] 4th-year surgery resident here who rotated from WHC (Washington Hospital Center) last year, it won’t be hard to identify me but I feel that I shouldn’t stay silent.”
”Seth Rich was shot twice, with three total gunshot wounds (Entry and exit, and entry). He was taken to the OR emergency where we performed and exlap and found a small injury to segment three of the liver which was packed and several small bowel injuries (pretty common for gunshots in the back exiting the abdomen), which we resected—12 cm of bowel and left him in discontinuity (didn’t hook everything back up) with the intent of performing a washout in the morning. He did not have any major vascular injuries or otherwise. I’ve seen dozens of worse cases than this which survived and nothing about his injuries suggested to me that he’d sustained a fatal wound.”



”In the meantime he was transferred to the ICU and transfused two units of blood when his post-surgery "crit" came back -20. He was stable and not on any "pressors", and it seemed pretty routine. About eight hours after he arrived we were swarmed by LEOs [law enforcement officers] and pretty much everyone except the attending [physician] and a few nurses was kicked out of the ICU (disallowing visiting hours - normally every odd hour, eg. 1AM, 3AM, etc - is not something we do routinely). It was weird as hell. At turnover [change of shift] that morning we were instructed not to [make rounds] on the VIP that came in last night (that’s exactly what the attending said, and no one except me and another resident had any idea who he was talking about).”



“No one here was allowed to see Seth except for my attending [physician] when he died. No code was called. I rounded on patients literally next door but was physically blocked from checking in on him. I’ve never seen anything like it before, and while I can’t say 100% that he was allowed to die, I don’t understand why he was treated like that. Take it how you may, /pol/, I’m just one low-level doc. Something’s fishy though, that’s for sure.”

Well, let’s call this resident, Dr. Anon. Dr. Anon, if you have anything else to say, I’ll open a live-stream on as we simulcast with the Hannity show in the background from 9:45 to 11pm Eastern. If you would like to participate and provide any additional details in our chat setting, you would be most welcome.



Most importantly, for your own safety now, it is imperative that you come on out. This is THE most dangerous time for you in this story’s life-cycle – when a well-connected, crooked investigator can determine your identity in an hour, but us mortal reporters who are governed by HIPPA laws can only hope to file a FOIA request and months later – maybe – get your identity to track you down.

We would be happy to do a Skype interview you right away. Fox producers - and even show hosts - do watch this channel. That will immediately give you much more protection than you now have. You can also email me at any time and set something up.



But if you prefer the anonymity for a while longer, please do stick your nose into the chat room of Use the Chrome browser for best results. Click on our picture and you’ll be in our chat room.



I don’t have to explain to this audience what’s at stake here. From this point, it just wouldn’t take very much work for an honest team of investigators from the FBI to take it from here. This could bring down this entire cabal and vanquish the climate of fear that hangs over this town.



So, Dr. Anon, whether you show up or not, we will be talking about you on the couch tonight between 9:45 and 11pm eastern tonight. I’m still reporting from Washington. Good day.


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Sweden Drops Assange Rape Charges

Good evening, I’m still reporting on Assange.

According to a tweet this morning from WikiLeaks:

“BREAKING: Sweden has dropped its case against Julian Assange and will revoke its arrest warrant.”

After hunkering down inside the safety of the Ecuadorian embassy in London, Julian Assange may soon be a free man again after Swedish prosecutors said they have dropped their long-running quest to arrest him on allegations of rape of a minor, something Assange denies and has never been charged for.
According to the office of the Chief Prosecutor in Sweden:

“Chief Prosecutor Marianne Ny has today decided to discontinue the preliminary investigation regarding suspected rape concerning Julian Assange.”

“Given that all options for moving the investigation forward are now exhausted, it appears that — in light of the views expressed by the supreme court on the proportionality of arresting someone in absentia — it is no longer proportional to maintain the decision to remand Julian Assange in his absence.”

There are still remaining problems for Assange. Britain has sought his arrest for unspecified, but less important infractions, however, London’s Metropolitan Police have signaled that they may look the other way if Assange chooses to leave the embassy.

US Attorney General Jeff Sessions said last month that arresting Assange was a “priority” and a secret extradition agreement from months ago may be the infraction the Met is concerned about.

I have no inside information on this, however, my reporter’s nose tells me that this radical change in Assange’s status could not have happened without the tacit or otherwise approval of President Trump.

I’m still reporting from Washington. Good day.


Kucinich: Deep State vs Trump

Synopsis: Good morning, I’m still reporting on the swamp.

So, draining the swamp is a bit more difficult than President Trump first thought.


No matter, we need a guy to jump right in there and start battling away. Perhaps if he’d known just how difficult it would be, maybe he might not have volunteered for the job. Then where would we be?


Judge Napolitano - Robert Mueller Is OK

Synopsis: This morning on Fox and Friends, Judge Andrew Napolitano said that Republicans should be happy about the appointment of former FBI Director Robert Muller as the Special Counselor ordered to do an investigation into any type of Russian collusion between the Trump team and the Russians.
Napolitano’s assessment flies in the face of other conservatives who claim that Mueller is part of the swamp. Who is right and who is wrong. We won’t know for a while, but at least this will take the Russia headline off the front page.